Bootstrap Select

Basic Select

Use .form-control class for basic select control.

Custom Select

Use .custom-select class for Custom Select control.

Multiple Select

Use multiple attribute for Multiple select control.

Disabled Select

Use disabled attribute for disabled select control.


Basic Select2

Use .select2 class for basic select2 control.

Single Select with Label

Use optgroup attribute for basic select2 with Label control.

Select With Icon

Use data attribute data-icon to add icon name for each options. And use class .select2-icons to set icon with option.

Template support

Select2 supports custom themes using the theme option so you can style Select2 to match the rest of your application. These are using the classic theme, which matches the old look of Select2.


Bootstrap Colorpicker is a modular color picker plugin for Bootstrap 4

Clock Picker

A clock-style timepicker for Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Datepicker

Bootstrap-datepicker provides a flexible datepicker widget in the Bootstrap style.

Sample Basic Forms

Form row

Basic form elements

Basic form elements

Select menu

Custom <select> menus need only a custom class, .custom-select to trigger the custom styles.


A switch has the markup of a custom checkbox but uses the .custom-switch class to render a toggle switch. Switches also support the disabled attribute.

Checkboxes and radios

Input Sizes

Set heights using classes like .input-lg, and set widths using grid column classes like .col-lg-*.

Input Group

Easily extend form controls by adding text, buttons, or button groups on either side of textual inputs, custom selects, and custom file inputs


Input Types

Most common form control, text-based input fields. Includes support for all HTML5 types: text, password, datetime, datetime-local, date, month, time, week, number, email, url, search, tel, and color.

A block of help text that breaks onto a new line and may extend beyond one line.
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